An Exhausting Day (Off)!

This past weekend we had the younger of our two grand-daughters stay over for the whole weekend. She’s 5 months old and a lot of fun, but she is also a lot of work. We have her over every other weekend, currently, to help her parents out – by the time Sunday afternoon gets here, I’m ready for my husband to take her home and then I can relax a little.

This time, however, both of her parents were not feeling well so she stayed over another night. My husband took off work today to tend to S until my step-daughter could come get her. I got up as usual on Monday mornings and got myself and the two teens up and off to work and school. I got all the way to work (in another town, a whopping 15 minutes away!! LOL) and met my nurse manager in the parking lot. In the course of walking from our cars to the building, I wound up with the day off. She didn’t have to tell me twice! (Actually, she kind of did because I called and asked if she was sure as I was driving home… haha)

I got home and decided I was going to do something productive with my surprise day off. I decided to tackle the teen girl’s room. Yes, I believe I might have gone a little bit insane on the drive home.

Allow me to explain that I am not skilled in the domestic arts. I can cook just about anything with a recipe. I know how to wash dishes and clean floors and dust and all. I’m just not very good at it. I lack organization and focus. I usually have to make lists and mark tasks off just to get it all done. Alas, I am far too easily distracted… but I’m also terrible when it comes to clutter. I’m a little bit better than my mother was, but goodness I wish I could get organized!

Ok, back on track. I got home and changed out of my scrubs and into my housework clothes. I did some dishes, started a load of linens for my daughter’s bed, and began to dismantle and reassemble pretty much everything in her room. The end result is not perfect, but there is not a mountain of clutter (she takes after her mom, too!) and the bed isn’t in the center of the room – leaving more floor space.

I also vacuumed the entire house, swept and mopped the kitchen, tidied up the teen boy’s room (no time for full-blown cleaning in the lego-tornado), dusted the pictures in the hallway, attempted to reach some cobwebs with the vacuum cleaner, and put away laundry.

Listed out like that doesn’t seem like much, but it took me all day. Perhaps I should be ashamed that my house was in such disarray… (I really am, that’s why I cared enough to tackle it in the first place, actually.)  I accomplished all of this while my husband tended the grand baby. I will admit that a few times I felt like he was taking a leisurely day while I worked so hard, but I quickly (and repeatedly!) reminded myself that I can’t fault him for not helping if I don’t ask him for help.

We did take the baby and the step-daughter out to lunch for about an hour in there… so it wasn’t ALL work. And now, I shall call it a day. I will go take a nice hot shower to wash off all the dust and grime and then curl up in my nice warm bed to relax.


Back to work tomorrow… just in time, too. I need the break. Haha.


P.S. I must apologize if this entry reads very choppy. I wrote it in pieces while I helped teen boy with his Algebra and rolled teen girl’s hair in curlers.

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